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Jorge Flores joined the Costeaux team after his tenure at Campo Fina restaurant in Healdsburg. He was drawn to the fact that Costeaux is an established business of 100 years and he believed the opportunity was a great fit.

“People can look forward to seasonal dishes, local products and more,” says Jorge. “We are a local bakery, it’s only right!”

During his time at Campo Fina, he supported the creation of Corazon Healdsburg and later joined the organization’s board. He understood the challenges of the immigrants the organization was serving. He too had emigrated from Mexico at the age of 14. He lived in a multi-family home in Windsor and was fortunate to attend school in Healdsburg. His family was familiar with the ESL program at the Junior High and chose to send him there. At a young age, Jorge helped family members by working evenings and weekends. His first job was picking grapes with grandpa.

At 22 years old, he needed a job where he could make more money for his growing family. He found a dishwasher role at the French Garden in Sebastopol and he loved the fast pace. He became entrenched in bake of the house hospitality taking every opportunity to move up in the kitchen. From dishwasher to pantry, to facilitating brunch needs, Jorge became a valuable member of the team. Eventually, he found a role running Pearson & Company a deli and catering company in Santa Rosa. His drive to do more brought him to working nights at Petite Sirah, an upscale bistro part of Josh Silvers’ the Jackson Bar & Oven group. There he met Chef Jamil who he admired because he was very passionate and allowed Jorge to learn the most. A few years later, Chef Jamil asked Jorge to join the team with him at Campo Fina.

As a member of the culinary team at Campo Fina, he became passionate about precise cooking. “It is one of those things that make you learn why places are successful. It is the consistency.”

After four years at Campo Fina, he was asked to run the kitchen at Bear Republic in Healdsburg. He later helped open the Bear Republic in Rohnert Park and eventually returning back to Campo Fina and the Healdsburg community.

When Jorge is not making incredible dishes at Costeaux, he enjoys cruising in a vintage car or watching a Raiders game with his daughter in Healdsburg.