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Do you make gluten free bread?
Unfortunately, no we do not.

What type of oven do you use?
Costeaux French Bakery uses brick ovens. It’s what helps develops the crust… the oven radiates heat from all directions.  We use Italian ovens hand-constructed brick by brick weighing over 40,000 pounds.  The ovens are gas fired and has steam injection – a critical element in making great bread.

How much flour do you use?
We use more than 100,000 pounds of flour a month, slightly more than the average household.

Why does your bread taste so good?
We are still making bread the old fashioned way – by hand.  We also use the best ingredients in small batches. Finally, the process of making each loaf isn’t rushed.

What is the best way to keep bread?
If not consumed immediately, bread should be bagged in plastic and frozen.  It should never be put in the refrigerator.  Refrigeration extracts moisture, drying the bread out and aging it faster. To refresh your bread simply remove it from the freezer, moisten it with water and reheat it in your oven until it’s crisp and warm.

Do you ship your bread?
Yes. We can ship certain types of our breads.  Please contact us to place your order.

Do you offer wholesale accounts and delivery?
Yes. We have delivery routes throughout  the Bay Area.  Please contact us for more information.

Do you offer tours?
Yes.  Please see our Community section.

Allergen Statement
Our products are made in facilities that also processes common food allergens including dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, soy and seeds.