Your celebration is very important and Costeaux pastry chefs take great pride in making the best cakes for any occasion. Costeaux signature cakes are available year round and are a go-to for Costeaux guests. These cakes and seasonal offers are handcrafted and available in six and 8-inch sizes. Due to the nature of a cake designed and decorated by hand, designs may slightly differ.

Serving Sizes
Signature cakes are four delectable layers of cake and filling. Generally, a 6-inch cake serves 8-14 people and an 8-inch serves 16-26 people.

Custom & Larger Cake Sizes
Contact the Costeaux Cake Concierge for support with a fully custom cake (starting at $50) and larger size requests via phone 707.433.1913 ext. 605 or email

Plan Ahead
Costeaux cakes are made to order, as such orders require 72-hour notice.

Enjoy Costeaux Cakes at Their Peak
Desserts often taste best when served at room temperature. Set cake out 1-2 hours prior to serving. Whipped cream finished cakes should be served slightly below room temperature. When cutting, use a hot knife blade that makes for clean slices.  Run the knife under water or dip into a hot water wiping the blade clean between cuts.

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Recommended Slicing:
Because our cakes are multi-layered we recommend the following with regarding to cutting and portioning your cake.

How to slice a cake


Costeaux Custom Cake Portfolio Sample